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Mobile SEO: How to Rank in Mobile Search, Following Google’s Mobile Update

January 28, 2015
Terence Mace

Google is widely expected to soon rollout a major update to its ranking algorithm that will impact results for searches carried out on mobile devices. This guide will take you step by step, through all of the actions necessary to become…

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Time-Savers for Writing Content You’re too Busy to Write

January 19, 2015
Ian Lloyd

As well you all know, writing good quality content can be incredibly time consuming, and this is especially true if you want it to be done to a very high standard. Sometimes, finding this time feels as though it is…

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Free vs. Paid Link Data: Why you’d be mad not to use Bing Webmaster Tools

December 19, 2014
Alex Darwin

Whether you own a small personal blog, or run the e-commerce department for massive high-street chains, link analysis is important to you. It’s how you can tell whether your posts are being promoted, how far your last campaign reached –…

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SEO Expectations

SEO Expectations: How Long Should I Wait for an SEO Campaign to Take Effect?

November 19, 2014
Ian Lloyd

The question of how long you could expect an SEO campaign to start taking effect is something commonly asked by many clients. To an extent this is understandable, after all, it is an investment in the improvement of their business…

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Penguin 3.0: “It’s a slow worldwide rollout”

On Friday 17th October, Google updated the prolific Penguin algorithm, version Penguin 3.0. The “slow” rollout is said to be affecting around 1% of all English search queries globally. This was confirmed by Pierre Far in a Google+ post to…

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Buyer Personas: Top 10 Questions You Should Ask

October 28, 2014
Ian Lloyd

Buyer personas are vital to ensure that your content reaches its intended target audience. The best way to think about a buyer persona is as a fictional character that you can help focus all of your efforts towards. Ideally, your…

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