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Use this conversion calculator to influence your PPC campaigns. Watch the video above for an explanation on how you can influence the conversion triangle to improve your results and bid more aggressively to achieve a greater ROI from PPC.

Paid Search

Getting your ads seen requires a killer combination: Engaging ad copy, targeted keywords, appealing landing pages and a high quality score. We ensure you have a winning strategy through testing and optimising these elements, and by performing sophisticated research and analysis.

We cover all ad networks; Google, Bing, Yahoo and YouTube, utilising a multitude of extensions while testing the newest Google products to ensure we’re always striving for even better results.


Integrating PPC and display advertising is an opportunity we believe every business should capitalise on. We run display advertising to give our clients another medium through which they can communicate a more creative message, supported by strong imagery, bold text and logos, whilst employing the same diligent techniques as Paid Search. This means we can target traffic which may not click on search ads, or avoid a search engine completely on the sites they enjoy using.


This sophisticated method of advertising is the perfect way to maximise the opportunity provided by a multi-channel, integrated marketing campaign. We use remarketing to tap into lost traffic – either those who have abandoned an order, or who have engaged but not yet converted – and drive them to convert to sale. The biggest benefit to remarketing is that you can quickly see the value of nurturing your prospects by engaging with them at different points during the buying cycle.

Social Paid

62 million hours a day are spent on social networks in the UK. Your buyers are there – so should you be. Social paid advertising is perfect for its sophisticated targeting – users enter their location, age, gender, marital status. Using social paid advertising we can promote your services directly to the people who are most likely to buy. And with the expansion of social advertising to mobile, we can be sure we are getting our clients seen by their target audience wherever they are.

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Case Study

Anglia Tool Centre

“Every month we explore new opportunities many of which are initiated by WMG to find new methods of increasing revenue and improving ROI.”

   Ian Thacker, General Manager, Anglia Tool Centre

Increase in CTR
Increase in PPC conversions
Increase in PPC revenue

Why Choose WMG for Your PPC Management?

  • PPC Professionals

    Our team are award-winning PPC professionals. You will always be working directly with an ex-Google PPC specialist, trained by Google, for Google. They’re passionate about managing campaigns, performing PPC optimisation for some of the biggest brands in the UK.

  • We're where you are

    We know how important it is to have a good relationship with your PPC agency. And we know you’re busy. So with offices in London, Harrogate and Leeds, we really are wherever you are, in no time at all.

  • PPC Campaign Management

    PPC management is what we do. With weekly calls to review your account, a dedicated account manager, and ex-Googlers constantly monitoring your PPC campaigns, you really are in the best hands. Plus as Google Partners we have access to resources, Beta products, and data you won’t get anywhere else.

PPC Resources

Blogs, how-to’s, videos, calculators – you name it, we’ve got it. Take your pick…

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