Why Every SEO Strategy Needs Infographics

Infographics not only grab the attention of your readers but they can also be a scalable link building tactic.  The internet is quickly collecting an assortment of well-designed, easy-to-digest infographics across all industries, and it’s easy to see why these information-packed images are so popular for bloggers and web content managers.

Content alone, as useful as it is, can sometimes be a little bit bland.  Words on a webpage without colour or graphics doesn’t always score points for user experience, which is why our content writers put so much emphasis on formatting and style.

But what many webmasters forget is that the use of infographics can be more than a nice visual aid for the human eye; they can also encourage natural links and give something for search engines to feast their bots on.

An Infographic on Infographics

Talking of the importance of infographics, here’s one someone made earlier.

This is an infographic on infographics, sharing interesting stats on the growth and popularity of infograhics on the web:



How Can Your SEO Strategy Benefit from Infographics?

1. Builds links – with 60% of people being visual learners, infographics are a great way of capturing the attention of web users, and it’s also a great way of encouraging people to share and credit back to you.  People will link back to your website when they feature your infographic and not only will your site benefit from the relevant link, but also the traffic.

2. Can be shared – infographics are easily digested, simple to understand and interesting to look at.  It can also be shared easily through social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon and more.  Create a great infographic and

3. Branding opportunity – people just love infographics! Create a superb infographic and it could go viral. You could add your company logo to a prime position on the graphic without it being too obtrusive, and get a boost in your online presence and your online branding.

So using infographics are scalable, shareable and brandable, and can add value to your SEO campaign.  If you want to pimp your blog or dress up your text, create a stylish and informative infographic for everyone to feast their eyes on!

Check out some more great infographics here.

Are you using infographics as part of your content marketing strategy?

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